An Ugly Observation: The Semi-permanent Dead Pigeon

pigeon-firstDuring the last half of March, 2015, the accumulated debris on the sidewalks under the I-40 overpass over Main Street in Memphis was cleaned up.

The Downtown Memphis Commission reports they have started cleaning up underpasses in preparation for the spring activity season, including Memphis in May.

It’s a good thing to clean up. It seems especially nice to have finally removed the carcass of a dead pigeon which had been on the sidewalk for at least 20 weeks. That’s more than 4 ½ months!

In the accompanying photographs you can see a picture of the deceased creature taken in mid October, 2014. In another photo, you’ll see a group of people who were apparently attending a convention walking back to the Cook Convention Center November 20, 2014, after lunch at one of the north Main Street restaurants, they momentarily would pigeon-conventionbe walking by the dead pigeon (in the lower left corner of the photo). Let’s hope they didn’t look down as that probably wouldn’t be a pleasant sight right after lunch.

While there is no need to show it here, the last photograph of the carcuss was taken March 15, 2015. By the way, the images here are intentionally small and distant in an effort not to ruin your lunch, if you happen to read this article near meal time.

The Downtown Memphis Commission was told about the carcass and its visibility to convention attendees months before it was removed.

But now gone it is, with hopes that another does not take its place and remain a Memphis downtown eyesore for months.